Minute Glass: A kinetic powered alarm clock that might finally wake me up!

minute glass 1 7071
Here is how my morning starts everyday. I set the alarm clock and it does its job perfectly. I just switch it off and go back to sleep and I wake up inevitably late and completely short of time. I am pretty sure I am not the only guy faced with such a problem. Even the ‘snooze’ barely ever manages to wake me up. But finally there might be an alarm clock that can wake me up and do so in a very refreshing and green way. The minute glass will just not shut up until you wake up and shake it pretty badly to make sure it shuts up that annoying little beep.

Designed by Colin Roberts, the alarm clock is powered by kinetic energy and it wakes you up on a very solid green not by the process of shaking. This fabulous device is wonderfully crafted and it also has an LED light and since it need not be connected to any plug-in points, you can use it at night to find your way to the loo. (Which is also very annoying. Hate when that disturbs sleep)
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The Minute Glass form was derived by inverting the classic hourglass, glass on the outside solid structure on the inside. The hard edged glass seems to hermetically seal the soft hourglass shape and its floral graphic away from our touch reminding us to preserve our precious recourses. The cylindrical shape and lack of cord allow it to set flat or stand on either end. The Minute Glass is a really cool alarm clock and even though it can wake you up to your favorite music station, I still would prefer the annoying beep to wake me up. Now I just hope I do not shake it and go back to sleep!
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