Mini-Max water-based air purifier & air freshener from Thermax

filter xsGUb 1333

The Mini-Max is revolutionary water filtering air freshener and air purifier from Thermax Home Environmental Cleaning Systems that can remove foul smells from your home, office or work space while humidifying and disinfecting the air. Just plug the unit into a power outlet and add a cupful of Aqua Blue Deodorizer or a few drops of Eucalyptus or Menthol oil and viola! Your home and office are rid of all traces of cigarette smells, pet odors, stale cooking odors and what have you.

You can also use some of Thermax’s oil-based solutions to pervade the air with a refreshing scent of your choice including Vanilla, Italian Cream Cake, China Rose, Cinnamon & Spice, Lemon, Citronella, Lavender, and Fresh Linen. What’s even better is that the gentle water washing sound also helps you relax and help you sleep better throughout the night!

Price: $69.95

Via: Aving