Millionaire plans to transform Detroit into an urban farm

detroit urban farms

Eco Factor: Creating farm pods on vacant land in Detroit.

With a median family income under $30,000 and unemployment rate at a whopping 27 percent, Detroit is in need of help. While most residents are not so worried about the condition of the city, one of the few remaining millionaires is trying to transform Detroit from Motor City to an Urban Farm.

John Hantz has come up with a plan to develop farm pods on the vacant land in Detroit, which isn’t that expensive. Each of these pods will utilize the latest in green farming techniques like compost-heating greenhouses and hydroponic systems.

Each of these pods will have their own residential frontage, and food would be grown there to prevent transportation from distant cities. Hantz is willing to put up the $30 million required to start the project, once he gets concessions from the Detroit city government.

Via: Gas2