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Method Prefab Cabins: Luxurious green harmony!

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There is nothing that refreshes a tired mind and prepares it well to deal with another season of work and tantrums better than a beautiful holiday in the lap of nature. A relaxing and laid back holiday away from all the taxing issues that constantly bug you is made all the more wonderful if it surrounded by green goodness. Very few of us are blessed to live everyday of our life so close to nature and the Method Prefab Cabins are designed to give you that perfect green escape when you need it the most.

Utilizing certified-FSC lumber, bamboo cabinets, EcoTop Countertops, Energy Star appliances, Yolo no-VOC paint, radiant heat and solar power options for generating electricity- the Method Cabin’s construction targets a rating of LEED for homes 2.0 or higher. The cabins are loaded with green features and are an absolute treat to all those looking for green abodes.

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These eco-minded prefabs can be constructed in a day, but allow at least 3 months for the entire process. For those who want a vacation in Mount Baker, Washington, you can rent one of these babies and try before you buy. I strongly suggest everyone looking for green features and willing to spend a bit of cash on it should go ahead and give it a try!
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