Mercedes-Benz unveils SLS AMG E-Cell electric vehicle at Detroit

mercedes benz sls amg e cell

Eco Factor: Zero-emission vehicle powered entirely by an electric engine.

Mercedes-Benz has finally unveiled its next-gen electric vehicle, the SLS AMG E-Cell, at Detroit 2011. The vehicle features four synchronous electric motors that provide a combined output of a whopping 525hp and 649lbs-ft of torque. The SLS AMG E-Cell features its motors mounted close to each wheel, which improves car handling.

mercedes benz sls amg e cell 5

The company has stated that the vehicle can hit a speed of 60mph in just 3.7 seconds and reach a speed of 130mph in less than 12 seconds. Power comes from lithium-ion batteries which also get recharged with the help of a regenerative braking system.

mercedes benz sls amg e cell 3

mercedes benz sls amg e cell 4

Via: AutoBlog