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Makani Power’s airborne wind turbine betters conventional by 50 percent

Today’s environmental conditions require us to move to alternate modes of energy like solar energy or wind energy. Many companies today are focusing on innovating various mechanisms to harness such energy sources which are environment friendly and cost effective. Wind energy is also one such source of natural resources which can prove to be ecologically friendly and a great source of energy production. Traditionally wind mills are placed on the ground, however Makani Power has innovated and designed a wind turbine that can generate energy by flying in the air.

Airborne windmills

Following a kite’s technique, this wind turbine can fly between 800 and 1950 feet above ground level. This will mean that it can remain below the normal and commercial aviation flying range. However it still flies at an altitude range which is above most of the birds. This prohibits it from harming any terrestrial bodies. At an altitude at which this wid turbine flies, winds are strong and consistent. The limited use of overall win mill material adds to its green attribute. Our nature demands innovation of more such products, which help in saving the planet and are energy efficient.

This wind mill involves a lower environmental impact and flies above deep water offshores. The airborne wid power produces energy at half the cost of conventional wind mills. And this also does not require additional space as compared to traditional wind turbines. With increasing environmental hazards by use of synthetic power production mechanisms, this airborne wind mill also will help save cost along with providing positive environmental benefits.

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