How to maintain eco friendly tableware?

I am planning to go eco friendly this year. Actually, it is one of the resolutions I took on my birthday and I need some help to work towards it now. I am considering buying some eco friendly tableware for home and I want some suggestions for the material I should opt for? I would also like to know about the maintenance of the eco friendly tableware, so that I could be benefited with it for a long time? Can anybody please help?

  1. It is always an intelligent initiative to go green and utilize the eco-friendly products at your home. For your choice of tableware too, you have a variety of options available in the market now-a-days. There are some nice recycled plastic cutlery or wooden utensils that can decorate your table and can very well suit your existing tableware too. You may pick up a few good-quality and low-maintenance bamboo bowls, spoons, knives and forks. This may also match perfectly with the look of your wooden tables. There is a complete range of bamboo flatware sets available that can fulfill your requirements. Bamboo products may also give you options, such as sushi plates and twist chopsticks.If it appeals, you may choose to go for recycled plastic tableware too. There are recycled plastic cups, cutlery and plates available for daily table use. Other materials you could select include tater ware cutlery or birch wood compostable cutlery. Additionally, PLA or CPLA compostable tableware is another good option. Also, there are containers in similar materials that can be used for any kind of storage on your table. For cleaning purposes, you may go for recycled paper napkins and cleaners on the table. Such type of products not only give a green feel to your table, but also do not require extra maintenance efforts.

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