Lou+Lou concept luxury yacht relies on energy-focused technology


Bringing together the elements of modern styling, eco friendly technology, and the desires of an aspirational owner, Pierrejan Design Studio has conceptualized this giga-yacht called ‘Lou+Lou’. Powered by solar panels and hydra-energy, this luxury boat is set to be a benchmark in eco friendly technology and style.

With nature being an inspiration behind the concept, this giga-yacht was designed keeping in mind the demand for a space of tranquility, style with a feeling of intimacy, warmth and well-being of the owner. Henceforth, in terms of structure and durability, the yacht has been created to endure and protect the passengers in the warm coasts of the Gulf to the chilly ice-laden plains of the North Pole. This added feature gives it the distinction of being perfect for long cruise journeys in the waters, across different regions of the world.

Building further on the ‘functional’ aspects of the design, the space within the yacht has been used to create various multipurpose surfaces, which is quite obvious from the five-deck concept. This multi-deck design is one of the reasons which allows this luxury yacht to endure extreme weather conditions, and also help regulate the temperatures within, giving the owner a protective and luxurious ambiance to enjoy. Furthermore, modular elements, including the removable décor panels, seat coverings and the carpet, are a part of the concept. These enable the staff members to make quick changes as per the need of the owner.


Amenities on board include the vast swimming pool with a built-in aquarium, sauna and hammam, physiotherapy center, gymnasium and a gallery which allows the owner to use this space as a five-star restaurant. For those who like catching up on their favorite movies while at the cruise, the yacht features an integrated cinema hall that doubles up a formal conference room. On the technical front, this boat is powered by solar panels with photovoltaic modules for operating the electrical equipment, and ‘hybrid propulsion’ technology to empower its engine. Though there isn’t an exact figure of the engine’s power generation capacity, it is expected to be strong enough to propel the giga-yacht to speeds of 25 knots for cruising alone!

Though still a concept, this giga-yacht does manage to appeal for the various flexibilities it has integrated within the design. But certain questions remain unanswered with reference to the yacht’s engine capabilities, if we keep in mind total dependency on natural sources of energy for generating power.

Via: Super-yacht design