Lithium Vivi RX-10S: Li-Ion battery-assist bike all set to rock and roll

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In case no one noticed it yet, we have been almost bombarded with all kinds of electric vehicles of late. The bad news is half of them don’t make any sense. The good news, though, is that some of them do and some of them like the Lithium Vivi RX-10S really look like they can work in real life too. Created by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd, the electric bicycle is capable of recharging a Li-ion secondary battery using a regenerative braking system that helps the bike store energy every time the brakes are used.

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Testing, under conditions set by the company, reported that the assisted travel range of the bike was extended to approximately 125km with the use of the regenerative braking system, whereas the assisted travel range without using the system is only about 90km. I guess the bike is really good for brake-happy people then!

Source: Gizmo Watch