Limnion: Environmentally friendly geothermal heat transfer system

limnion heat transfer system 1

Eco Factor: Highly efficient geothermal transfer system harnesses energy without harming the environment.

Limnion by HeatLine marks an unprecedented leap forward in lake geothermal heating technology. The highly efficient geothermal transfer system promises a radical shift from the environmentally wrong lake loop system that has become a nightmare owing to the use of polyethylene plastic pipes which cause water pollution and destroy fish habitat.

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Limnion on the other hand harnesses the geothermal energy from the lakes depth to heat and cool our homes without harming the environment. Made from non-polluting polymers, the Limnion has a small footprint and is 1/600 of the size of lake complete with anchor and a tether. It suspends within the lake water anchored with a 100 pound ball. Absolutely corrosion free the non metal construction is non toxic and features a protective cage that becomes a habitat for the tiny fish and other aquatic animals and vegetation. The unit can be raised and lowered for cleaning if necessary.

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Via: TreeHugger