Light your homes with the power of the dirt!

creating power out of dirt

Here is another weird way of making energy. While its inventors hail it as the best thing around & other hyperbole which seems to have become common in modern advertising & journalism, this is not really all that marvelous as you think it is. While I read it or the first time (only the headline), I was thinking in lines of if this could be breakthrough technology, but I really found out that it is not all that it claims to be. While products & technologies clamor about being the best in a time & age in which selling is more important than standards, this is another case of clear exaggeration.

The claim of the makers of this wonderful machine is that it can make energy out of dirt. Living Power Systems calls it a commercial microbial fuel cell & that is a better description of it. It creates power of the bacteria in the soil.

While the thought of trying to power cities with dirt at some point is very wonderful, it’s too Utopian to say the least. It won’t & can’t happen. To invest in such a cumbersome machine & to use electricity for it is all a waste. Normally you won’t be finding me very critical of a product (I leave that to my readers) as I still believe that most new inventions must be given a chance, a single push to see if they make an impact. This for me though is useless & when sleeker technology is around, it is like a pigeon to send a letter when you could have mailed it! Obsolete.