Life – A simplistic yet sustainable water container made from recycled paper

life sustainable water container

Some solutions are perceived to be wondrously simple and yet have the potentiality for multitude of benefits, and believe me when I say that Life is one such conception. Many of us have been witness to the thrills, vibrancy and even ruckus of public meetings and large gatherings, but behind the curtains there is always that high magnitude of energy expended in catering to the associated services, like provision of water and drinks. And invariably such services come wrapped in ‘humanity’s bane’ aka plastic. So, in a righteous bid to counter this predicament, designer Andrea Ponti has adroitly and rather conscientiously conceived the Life – a water container made from recycled paper.

Designed as an integral part of the water pouch service for Milano Expo 2015, the uncomplicated product is composed of recycled paper with a double stitch for better insulation. And on the convenience side of affairs, there is also a green cord made from natural cotton that is wrapped around the pouch. It can be used for slinging the bag across one’s shoulder, thus facilitating mobility.

Now, according to the designer’s own words:

It’s a product designed to promote the reduction of plastic containers and a sustainable culture about water.

Well, we can’t argue with that, and anything against plastic naturally comes into our ‘good deed’ book.

Source: Coroflot