Lets take a ‘Peek’ into the exceptional future of solar powered devices

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There are some solar devices that actually fore go the use of solar panels altogether. Baffled? Well, industrial designer Christy Tong has exactly contrived one such refined yet precocious line of products named as the Peek. It progressively utilizes a new technology of solar-sensitized ink that can be applied to glass to capture and transfer energy.

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The design is basically a dining tray with a sort of tepidly bulging projection in the lower part. According to the designer, it helps in securing plates and glasses, and makes it easy to hold the tray from negative spaces. Moreover, this also allows for free and flexible movement at social gatherings and meetings.

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Furthermore, the ‘intelligent’ solar tray can actually sense the weight of an empty cup and connect wirelessly to a social network with an appropriate I.D.

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Source: Coroflot