Las Vegas Palazzo Resort Named Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America

Why them?

Looking for an eco-friendly hotel while visiting the wasted Vegas city, Las Vegas in America? If yes, then here it is for you, the Las Vegas Palazzo Resort said to be the best of the best hotels in the eco-friendly category hotels in the United States of America (USA). Deemed to be amongst the top ten eco-friendly hotels from the hotels in USA, this hotel has really made its name owing to the supply of eco-friendly ambience for the demand for green hospitality that they saw and picked up on. The head manager of the hotel believes that the demand of travellers and tourists these days is to seek more environmentally friendly stays and hence offering the guest what they desire is the prerogative of the hospitality industry. Thus, the use of natural resources is the key to securing the hotel’s supplies and ambience in lieu of the request of the consumer.


The features

Certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) it definitely fulfils all the conditions and earns nearly 40 point from 110 points of the LEED rating system. The hotel is humongous but at the same time it is a beauty that such a big hotel is self-sustaining, with clean energy plummeting the waste of energy and the disadvantageous impact on the same. Such clean technologies are in use in most sections of the hotel making the best of the limited green technology. It has everything that an upmarket traveller would be looking for, space, swimming pool, gardens, porches, varieties of rooms, there are nearly 3066 rooms. The spa is a welcome change for all those who know they are going to spend oodles of money, as this pa offers great Ayurvedic and Indian herbal treatments, all green, for the alleviation of the mind, body and soul! It also features hot tubs, aroudn16 restaurants serving great quality food, with a great variety of brands that offer eco-friendly products.


There are fitness centres with many exercising activities while the Jacuzzi and steam rooms are plush with accessories making your eco-friendly stay even more worthwhile. Talking about it environmentally, the water usage is important, and this is what Palazzo does, it offers water optimum showerheads, super-efficient toilets, small fridges that use lesser amount so water for cooling, and optimum lighting as well. The electricity consumption is well guarded and regulated which automatic air conditioners and thermostat settings. The door of the room controls the light and electricity of the room. Solar energy is high on their priority list as far as power usage is concerned which is a great option. The trash and laundry dirt go through a customized recycling process. It also uses wind energy in some parts of the hotel. They are the principal recycler in the valley with 45 tons of recyclables, 70 to 80 tons of leftover during peak season. The benevolence of this hotel needs resources to be used efficiently. The hotel is huge and if the resources are not used keeping in mind the sustainability issues it would lead to a colossal loss.


Palazzo All The Way

Thus, if you are looking for a sober hang out and accommodation then here is your chance to be more environmentally friendly and take the call on whether you desire to do your bit for the environment while you splurge and gamble in the streets, casinos and the high life of the city of Vegas. The hotel is finding more and more people willing to walk that extra mile for the environment, a worth it spend!