Las Vegas goes the solar way

las vegas gas lamps now solar

Now, who would imagine the glittering Las Vegas with all the pizzas and razzmatazz abandoning it’s age old perpetually burning gas lamps and go green? Well, it actually has and while going green, it has gone the greenest way in the form of Solar street lamps. That is great news indeed, for the Las Vegas valley which spews of 17000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Now,why have the Las Vegan’s suddenly gone the solar way after years of the gas guzzling, CO2 spewing gas lamps that abound the Las Vegas Urbanscape? The reason is three fold.

One because the Las Vegan’s like Dan Brasen of the San Marino Circle HOA have finally realised that the gas lamps add a huge cost of more than 40% to their already expensive energy bills with a study that shows two and half of perpetual flamed gas lamps using the same amount of gas as a three bedroom house. Reason two is the fact that the the CO2 lamps are damaging the already polluted Las Vegas’ air by spewing out huge amounts of CO2. Another important reason is the sheer convenience of the solar lamps which use power from the sunny Las Vegas desert’s sun and are almost maintenance free.

This comes even as the Las Vegas residents are fighting a protracted battle with the South West Gas company which supplies most of the gas to the city and which was asking $200 to shut off each gas lamp. Finally, the intervention of the Public Utilities Commission and senator Reid has finally made the Gas company come to a compromise to waive removal fees.

In the coming days, expect more and more gated communities to go the solar way and hopefully reduce both energy costs and pollution.

Source: LasVegasNow