Large scale Algae Street Lamps to clean the air off its CO2 content

According to French biochemist, Pierre Calleja, microalgae are potentially quite useful in furthering man’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. Man created cars, build roads and now he is responsible for all the pollution that envelops the earth. He is endlessly struggling to restore the imbalance he created, but does not always think innovatively. Pierre definitely gave up conventional thinking and vested faith in the power of microalgae, which can absorb immense amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Algae Street Lamps

What Pierre created is the microalgae lamps or CO2 absorbing lamps to be placed along highways and streets and eventually to be installed in office premises and even at homes. These large scale street lamps will absorb around one ton of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Factually, 25 percent of the carbon dioxide present is air is contributed by car exhaust and placing them along streets is thus logical.

During the day, batteries installed inside the lamp will be charged through the process of photosynthesis, using both sunlight and nutrients. At night this stored power will be used for lighting. It is not always essential for the lamp to work in the presence of sunlight, when placed underground or any other place where the sun does not shine bright or there is no source of natural light, it will absorb CO2 and then power itself.

Explicitly this lamp is used for lighting and gets charged on its own, which is definitely beneficial, but what makes it even more useful and environmentally friendly is its CO2 absorbing capacity, which is greater than that of many trees put together, Therefore, we can presume that if successful, their installations across cities will be an efficient replacement for the trees cut down to make way for urban development.

Via: Greenmuze