Know whether a plant is getting enough sunlight, water with PlantSense!

plantsense detects soil health 9

It is really saddening to find the daisies and sunflowers of your garden die! Even if you find out some time from your day’s busy schedule, you can’t keep tab of whether your plants are getting sufficient sunlight and water to survive!

Never mind! Here is a solution for you. The PlantSense sensor is a smart and interesting way of keeping tabs on your garden plants.

These USB-powered plant sensors are pushed into the soil and connected to a PC. Inside the soil, the sensor will analyze its condition and transmit all the data to the PlantSense web site for your easy access and reading.

Priced at $49.95 a pop, not a cheap gadget true, but the PlantSense sensor lets you know whether your plant is getting enough sunlight and water – necessary to have your favorite garden healthy.

Via: ubergizmo