KCAP plans sustainable urban development in the Netherlands

moerwijk housing estate 1

Eco Factor: Sustainable housing block with geothermal heating.

Eco architecture is what the world is switching to. We can see numerous developments getting a green transformation. One such example is the Moerwijk housing estate that will be partly removed to house a new development as a part of an urban renewal operation. As per the new plan, KCAP will develop a housing block along the Erasmusweg. The block with include green features like geothermal heating and a cold-heat-exchanger.

moerwijk housing estate 2

Built according to low energy standards, the block will comprise of a social housing flat with 81 gallery-access apartments and maisonette housing at the ground floor and a strip of 27 terraced houses with voids. All the houses in the complex will include features like aluminum facade system with jumbo glass plates and large-scale sliding doors. The various apartments are based on mechanical ventilation to avoid heat-loss and have room for floor heating.

moerwijk housing estate 3

moerwijk housing estate 4

moerwijk housing estate 5

Via: WorldArchitectureNews