Kandle Heeter: Energy-Saving Candle-Turned-Radiator

Kandle Heeter1
How would it be, if your 3-inch diameter by 3-inch dollar candle yields about 50 BTUs an hour, for a total of 1000 BTU in the cutting chill? The Kandle Heeter Candle Holder can actually do it! The terracotta pot topping the candle has a multi-core radiator, where the inner steel core can be driven to very high temperatures — 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit — by the burning candle flame and becomes a central radiating body.
The ceramic — a high ‘thermal lag’ material — absorbs the heat rising from the candle, as it is dense and heavy with tile, concrete, water, thus, storing heat well. The pots actually concentrate the heat, and can focus on to where you need it to heat up. A 3-inch diameter by 3-inch dollar candle can get you about two days of heating, which amounts to 0.50/day! And if the winter days turn out to be wet, cold, it would altogether cost you about $50 for a whole heating season. That is pretty cheap and cool!
Now, you can purchase this little energy saving candle-transformed radiator and considerably cut on to your heating bills. Giving the ambiance of a miniature “fireplace”, it will keep the cold out and coziness in.
Via: greenbuildingelements