Japanese eyeing space laser for enhanced solar power

space laser

Space Lasers have always been criticized as being an extra-terrestrial sniper rifle waiting for commands to kill. However, like most life-threatening technologies this too has a peaceful use. Some Japanese scientists are eyeing a space laser that transmits solar power to earth.

The best thing for space lasers is that they can get constant and undiluted sunlight making them more efficient. This space laser which the Japanese aim to put in space by 2030 will be 40% more efficient than conventional solar panels.

The device works by capturing solar energy on metal alloy plates. These plates then transfer this energy in the form of a laser back to earth where it is further converted into electricity by some unknown mechanism.

The problems with this approach are many – initially the launch cost of these lasers will be very high, weather will not effect the sunlight capturing mechanism but the laser will remain effected by the weather when it is transmitting energy back to Earth. The worst condition will arrive if the laser misses the target and shoots light anywhere near it. Lasers are high energy beams and any miscalculation can leave devastating effects.

Via: Eco Geek