Japan dares the typhoons with well-planned storm water system

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No wonder Japan is successfully leading the way in all aspects towards a complete country by itself. Setting trends for other countries worldwide, Japan proves that it’s not only about robots and gadgets but they also are foremost in disaster management solutions. Suitably outfitted to face the typhoons and the flooded scenario, take a look at the incredible stormwater management solution for the metropolitan area of the city of Saitama, Japan. At first glance, the images may mislead you to consider these mammothic structures as a part of set created for some movie or so.

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But standing tall at 25.4 meters (83 feet) and 78 meters (255 feet) wide and running 177 meters long (580 feet), the massive underground system was designed by Metropolitan Area Outer Discharge Channel to alleviate the rainfall that has caused six major floods to occur in the region since 1979.
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Estimated to reduce the flooded area by more than 80%, this extensive system has yet to show its true colors……(god forbidden) when disaster strikes. However it is open for curious eco-tourists and other inquiring minds.
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Thank you Japan, for setting an outstanding example for other cities and countries that are prone to get flooded but aren’t seriously working on any solutions to overcome their limitations.
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Via Inhabitat