Jaein Industry technology’s new generator converts waste heat into electricity

jit engine

Eco Factor: Generator to provide renewable electricity from waste heat.

Korean start-up Jaein Industry Technology has developed a unique generator, dubbed the JIT Engine, which will be showcased at the upcoming Green Energy Expo 2010. The generator is the world’s first system that generates power by utilizing the low-temperature thermal sources such as solar thermal energy, geothermal energy and waste heat to provide renewable electricity.

While commercial systems to convert heat into electricity aren’t practical for home use since they require high temperature and high pressure, the JIT engine can generate electricity in low and normal temperatures. The generator is expected to be applicable in various fields such as public power generation, commercial power generators and household power generators.

In particular, for household power generation, the independent system can be applicable for hot water, heating and power generation, making a perfect zero-carbon house. The company has already registered a domestic patent for the JIT Engine, and its international version has been applied for.

Via: Aving