‘Invisible’ floating wind turbines! MIT designs

wind turbines way offshore

A good news for the tourists and the tourism industries. You no more need to worry about the windmills hindering the unobstructed beauties of nature – especially the beaches. A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has come up with a solution.

He has designed a system that can help place wind turbines far offshore and out of sight! The system uses cables to tether large turbines to floating platforms, connecting it to concrete blocks on the ocean floor in up to about 650 feet of water.

To design the system, he has worked with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Questions must be arising about how stable the arrangement is? Ca it face storms? According to NREL’s Sclavounos, the arrangement is stable enough to operate even in large waves brought by a hurricane! The reason is that the design limits the turbine to mainly back-and-forth movements, and not up and down.