Introducing ChimChum – a naturalistic wind generator to serve your country home

chimchum 3

Conceived as a component of a meticulous solution for home energy requirements, this is the ChimChum wind generator designed by second year student Tom Postlethwaite. According to the designer, he used wind as a part of energy solution because it provides the simplest and most effective form of power when paired with a relevant technology. We tend to agree with him; with the relevant and convenient technology in this case of course being his conception.

chimchum 1

Basically, the contraption consists of three major parts – the wind vanes, the top cover and the generator case. Coming to the vanes, they will be composed from sturdy yet light weight carbon fiber resin, which has excellent thermal resistant properties. The lightness of the vanes will allow them to respond to the even slightest of wind velocity. The bulbous, hollow forms of the vanes are supposedly inspired by the natural streamlined shape of Sycamore seeds. According to the designer, the concave cavity formed on each side of these vanes, forces any passing air to accentuate upon the rotating mechanism.

chimchum 2

The curvilinear push-lift top cover will be made of polished aluminum, with numerous minuscule outlets for ventilation of smoke (through the chimney pot of the country house). Further the bulging polished surface would make it difficult for animals and birds to rest on it. Coming to the generator case, it will be composed from stainless steel with very low frictional resistance. This in turn would allow the vane assembly to rotate more freely.

The whole product with is flexible bearings can easily be assembled and dissembled. But most importantly according to the designer, it will not require any outer heavy support or mechanism to be installed, basically alluding to its DIY nature. So at the end of the day we get a clean and ‘green’ electricity generator infused with dollops of practical convenience; now that is our kind of gadget.

Source: Skuf