Introducing bubbles into oceans could curb the rate of global warming


Eco Factor: Scientist estimates a 3 degree decline in global temperatures by blowing bubbles in oceans.

The steep rise in global temperatures has made scientists all over the globe think about possible ways to reduce the effects of global warming. While most of these geoengineering schemes seem too unrealistic and expensive, a physicist from Harvard University thinks that he’s found a solution that may help curb the rate of global warming.

Unlike some unrealistic approaches being proposed, this research includes the formation of tiny bubbles into the world’s oceans. These bubbles act like mirrors made of air and reflect sunlight from the water, creating a cooling effect that could be quite dramatic. Computer models have suggested that an increase in ocean reflectivity could reduce global temperatures by up to 3 degrees Celsius.

Apart from reducing global temperatures, the process would slow water loss from evaporation, which would prove to be beneficial to drought-prone regions and would also improve the fuel efficiency of cargo ships, allowing them to virtually float on air. The physicist estimates that all of the world’s oceans could be “bubbled” with energy produced by as little as 1000 windmills.

Via: Treehugger