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Five innovative products designed to capture and reuse gray water

Gray water, in lay man’s language is the water that is produced by various activities such as washing dishes, washing machines, shower, bathroom wash basins and the like. This water normally ends up in the sewer but with the help of modern technology, it can be reused for various other purposes. Now no longer will gray water be termed as waste water, as it has the potential to flush your tanks and water your garden. This recycling of grey water is fast becoming a viable option for larger housing societies and homes. Here are five innovative products that are designed to reuse gray water.

Sloan® AQUS® Graywater System

The Sloan® AQUS® Graywater System is a great device that has been developed by the Sloan Valve Company for preventing used water from going down the drain. It has been observed that we waste the most amount of water via tanks in the bathrooms, so why use fresh potable water for flushes. This is precisely what the Sloan AQUS Graywater System does – it filters the water from your sinks and then puts it back into the tanks so that you can reuse it for flushing purposes. In this system, the device is connected from the drain of your sink to the flush tank and therefore the water that leaves the sink is filtered to the flush tank. This device recycles graywater and has the capacity of saving 5 thousand gallons of potable water that could have literally gone down the drain otherwise. However, the only thing to watch out for would be to treat the graywater properly, else you could end up with foul smell in your toilets.

Grey Away’ Water Harvesting System

The Grey Away Water Harvesting System is a device that saves potable water which would have otherwise been flushed out in huge quantities from your toilets. This system has been the creation of Stuart Winkless and works by reusing or recycling the water from your sinks and gutters. The gray water thus is passed through a double stage carbon filtration mechanism and after the relevant cleaning, is pumped back inside the homes for use in toilet tanks and also for water the plants in the garden. The Grey Away not only serves an environmental cause, but is also constructed in an eco-friendly manner by using recycled materials. This device is very user friendly and only needs manual cleaning of its filter twice a year. The Grey Away makes use of a water pump for distributing the recycled water and also has a toilet refilling mechanism which takes care of the water level in the toilet tank.

Flush your toilet with recycled gray water

Gray water has a lot of potential if it is treated in the right manner. It must be understood that gray water should not contain any organic or human waste and chemicals, hence the most suitable source of gray water are sinks, bath tubs, washing machines, dishwashers and showers. This water can then be cleaned via filters for watering gardens and filling up toilet tanks for flushing. Gray water is not to be used for drinking purposes as it is impure and is partially filtered. However, even if gray water is not treated, it can still be reused for other purposes.

The gray water pumps by Saniflo are great for domestic usage because of their compact size. The Saniflo tank stores the gray water from the house which can later be used for filling toilet tanks or even for watering the garden. This gray water pump system mechanism can be a boon to your household as you do not have to pay extra for getting the water treated, making it an affordable option!

Gray Water Toilet System

The Gray Water Toilet System is very eco-friendly and collected all the water that has been partially used from sinks, bath tubs, showers and kitchen sink and it pumps it inside the toilet tank for flushing purposes. If the toilet tank is not used, then the mechanism works in a way in which the toilet flushes out the gray water every 24 hours in order to maintain cleanliness and prevent bacteria from growing inside. It also has another standby mechanism in which the system is cleansed with a low intensity ultrasonic radiation.

Washing Machine/Toilet Combo

The Washup is a washing machine and toilet combination gadget that is an entry for the Greener Gadget contest. This innovative design makes use of a washing machine and the gray water produced thereof is used to flush the toilet that sits beneath it. This concept does sound convincing as the soapy water could also keep the toilet clean. The only drawback is the way the washing machine towers above the toilet seat – making the process of putting in and taking out laundry a cumbersome affair.

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