‘N': An indoor hydroponic system for growing wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is well known to help us get rid of toxins from the body as it boosts cell regeneration. Many times we see people growing the plant at home in plastic basins or pots, but these methods are not always healthy and good for the environment. Jacques Perrault has designed the ‘N,’ an indoor hydrophobic garden based on the growing cycle of wheatgrass. The apparatus that he has deigned allows you to grow wheatgrass as well as extract its juice for drinking.

N: A hydroponic Planter

We might refer to wheatgrass as a super plant that cures us of many ailments, but growing this super plant is both labour intensive and tedious. Conventionally one has to follow five steps to grow wheatgrass and even one misstep leads to waste to time. You start with sprouting, followed by planting seeds on soil. Then you alternate between shading and keeping them in light till they grow fully, ready for the harvest.

This implies that even if you skip out one step; soaking, watering, shading then leaving it out in the sun, your harvest will not be up to the mark. But deployment of N, the ring like apparatus will spare you all the above effort. The ring has several trays, with each of them holding enough for one serving. The medium for the growth of wheatgrass will be water; a packet full of water is inserted into the unit every now and then.

Other than the water refill, your only personal interaction with the apparatus will be trimming the harvest. Once you have it, simply insert the wheatgrass into the juicer, mash it and extract juice. A glass of wheatgrass juice costs two to four dollars in the market, but if you make it at home it will cost you a few cents.

‘N’ can become a viable, sustainable and healthy part of your daily living, allowing you to apply hydroponics right within your living space that too without any added cost.

Via: Cargocollective