In Photos: Chandeliers made from recycled materials

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In the modern world resources are getting scarce at a rapid pace, which makes it extremely important for everybody to recycle, reduce and reuse objects which otherwise would add to landfill waste. Plastic takes thousands of years to degrade and recycling glass isn’t altogether an eco-friendly business. The demands to increase the lifetime of products such as plastic and glass, has given industrial designers and creative DIYers think out ways to create stunning pieces of art that would better the aesthetics of your house. Check out some illuminating chandeliers below that have been made using recycled materials:

• Stuart Haygarth Plastic Chandelier:

stuart haygarth recycled bottle drop chandelier

stuart haygarth recycled plastic drop bases

• Recycled Bottle Cascade Chandelier:

recycled bottle cascade chandelier

recycled bottle cascade chandelier 2

recycled bottle cascade chandelier 3

• Recycled Ballpoint Pens Volivik Lamp:

recycled ballpoint pens volivik lamp

recycled ballpoint pens volivik lamp 2

• Beer Bottle Chandelier:

beer bottle chadelier 7071

• Recycled PET bottle Chandelier:

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19968 3 468 rbhut 1333

19968 5 468 loq7t 1333

• Aurora Robson’s Recycled Chandelier:

aurora robson 6cx5o 69

aurora robson 1 niwyy 69

aurora robson 2 hgilo 69

• Party Popper Chandelier:

chandelier kbyye 69

• Recycled Plastic Spoon Chandelier:

recycled plastic spoon chandelier y6rlx 5638

spoon chandelier slsrr 5638

spoon chandelier2 qtwn5 5638

• Bicycle Chain Chandelier:

bike chain lamp 3 hkibj 69

• DIY Styrofoam Chandelier:

styrofoam chandelier 1 qcntg 69

styrofoam chandelier 2 sqmbl 69

• Plastic Container Chandelier:

plastic chandelier1 y4gz7 69

• CD Jewel Case Chandelier:

recycled cd chendelier 69

Bottle Chandelier:

bottle chandelier 5 8repi 69

bottle chandelier 7 h5edp 69

bottle chandelier 2 hrit4 69

• Lotus Recycled Glass Chandelier:

lotus amber efxc3 5784

lotus blue yhrjb 5784

• Broken Glass Chandelier:

broken glass chandelier 1 bqdpm 69

broken glass chandelier 2 jfgqm 69

• Eco-Luxe recycled coffee stirrers chandelier:

touchchandelierlookingup 2i2cu 1333

touchspoon2 9eyew 1333

• Recycled Screws Chandelier:

screw lamp 2 2wsdh 69

screw lamp 6 1mgim 69

• Cloud Walk Recycled Paper Chandelier:

paper chandelier 3

paper chandelier

paper chandelier 2

• Recycled Aluminum Calliope Luxury Chandelier:

eleek calliope chandelier

Illummi-Nations Recycled Atlas Chandelier:


• Beaded Glory Recycled Chandelier:

beaded glory recycled chandelier

beaded glory recycled chandelier 2

• Recycled Light Bulb Chandelier:

incandescent lightbulb chandelier

incandescent lightbulb chandelier 2

• Recycled Milk Crate Chandelier:

milkcrate chandelier

• Reclaimed Cardboard Tube Chandelier:

reclaimed cardboard tube chandelier 2

reclaimed cardboard tube chandelier

• Light Reading Recycled Paper Chandelier: