Hydro-Genic City 2020 to green up wastewater treatment facilities

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Eco Factor: Environmentally friendly wastewater reclamation centers.

Around the world there is an urgency to find intelligent solutions for diversifying water sources as climate change and global warming have already disrupted the annual water flow cycle. The Hydro-Genic City 2020 by Aershop has been designed to expose and propose a new relationship to waterworks.

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The project has been envisioned for Los Angeles, where existing supplies are vulnerable and the city already imports as much as 85% of its water from Sierra Nevada and the Colorado River basin. The project will create a decentralized network of environmentally friendly and aesthetically compelling wastewater reclamation centers.

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As water flows into passive treatment, it becomes an interactive element in the form of remediation wetlands, shallow channels and swimming pools. Finally after treatment, this reclaimed water is re-distributed to a variety of direct uses.

These reclamation centers will provide a sustainable water source to the city. As mist platforms/light rail stations, urban beaches, energy producing water treatment plants, solar-panel encased water towers, pools, and aquatic parking lots, these water-based landscapes become organizational moments for community building.

Via: WPA 2.0