Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle – The future of personal transportation

human electric hybrid

In the 21st century humanity will have to evolve through a more efficient way of life as our resources are beginning to be insufficient for our needs. This Human Electric Hybrid Vehicle uses the power of your muscles as well electricity stored in the batteries. It allows smooth and constant velocity both uphill (with the help of the electric motor), as well as downhill (when the wheel acts as a generator and charges the batteries). The vehicle can turn 360 degrees maintaining stability all the time. Additional power is acquired from photovoltaic placed on top of the vehicle as well as during de-acceleration from regenerative braking. Elderly and handicapped people that are unable to provide enough kinetic energy can also charge the batteries directly from the grid. A vehicle such as this makes extensive use of renewable energy possible and lead to a more sustainable fossil fuel future. Video after the jump.

Via: Hight3ch