HOW-TO: Make a vertical-axis wind turbine for $300

wind turbine

Wind energy is one of the most renewable sources of energy that we can get on our planet. We usually don’t see wind turbines mounted onto the rooftops. But if you have one for you, paying the electricity bill should be a breeze.

Popsci has an interesting post on how to create a vertical axis wind turbine for yourself and that too for just $300. The DIY is not as easy as the earlier ones we got for you but surely will save some money.

The turbine, known as the ‘Lenz2′, built primarily from plywood, aluminum and magnets can produce about 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month if there is steady wind current. The system works best for winds of 6-20 miles per hour.

Here is how you should build one for yourself:

wind turbine 2

1) Construct the wings:

Carefully cut teardrop shapes from plywood and connect them with four-foot rods. Cover these wings with aluminum.

2) Build the alternator:

This is a bit tricky – there is no difference between normal pieces of wood and the one you just constructed if the design is not able to harness wind and convert it into electricity. An alternator does this work. To design one just glue magnets to two steel discs. Tape copper-wire coils to a plywood disc and slide all three discs over the shaft.

3) Attach other parts:

Clamp both ends of the shaft to the rectangular frame. Weld the wings’ arms to the bottom of the alternator, as well as to a steel disc at the top of the turbine.

4) Mount the frame:

After the completion of step 3 you are almost done, the final step is to attach cables to the frame arms and stabilize with sandbags.

5) Power the house:

The last step is to use the generated power to power your house. Wire the alternator to a rectifier. This will convert the power into DC voltage. Connect this line to batteries. The wind turbine takes four to six hours to fully charge a bank of eight batteries.

To know the detailed working and assembling of the wind turbine click here.

Via: Popsci