How mobile home parks are helping build sustainable communities

One of the basic needs a person should have is a place to call home. Homes varies from simple to elegant, cheap to expensive, depending on the owner’s financial capacity. With the rising economy nowadays, most families having modest incomes would likely to prefer to build a mobile home. It is the only form of housing structure that these families will ever be able to afford. Mobile homes, also known as trailers or caravans are homes not being built on site, rather, they are built in factories and then taken to the site where they will be placed.

Mobile home

Mobile homes are usually transported by being towed behind a road vehicle or a tractor trailer. They are usually placed permanently in one location but they can be moved as required to many areas. Mobile homes are designed to provide means for people to have their own home permanently, or on a journey or a vacation. Semi-permanent or permanent areas for mobile homes and travel trailers are trailer parks. With the increasing number of mobile homes today, it is believe to have helped build sustainable communities because it provides affordability, accessibility, privacy, and easy renovation.


Mobile homes are the answer to affordable housing because they are the lowest cost form of detached housing to build. Comparing the cost for a stick-build home, mobile homes cost less. Used homes often sell in the area of $15 to $20 per square foot. Families with incomes under $25,000 per year have a housing budget of only $600 monthly. For them, mobile homes are the preferred option. These families are extremely thankful to find a home that they can afford, and is in good quality of the product. Upscale cabinetry, tiled floors, fine walls and carpets are not expected by these costumers. A shelter, basically a roof, a solid floor, a toilet, a bed, and a running water, is just what families are up to for as long as they have a place they can call home. Nevertheless, it doesn’t indicate that the home is of low quality and unattractive. As it focuses more on the basics, it also provides good quality.


One of the main reasons for living in such mobile homes or trailer parks is the lower cost of living compared to other housing. Another reason is the accessibility and fast construction. Being quickly and easily able to move to a new area is advantageous to the resident. During vacations, for example, taking the mobile home/ trailer with them is much easier and accessible. Also, there is no need for motel and hotel rooms for the resident to checked in. Without relying on a motel or hotel, it provides the means for people to have their own home on a journey or vacation and be able to save more money. It also enables travelers to stay in places where no hotel or motel are available.


The other key is the quality of life that a mobile home can offer to the resident. Compared to other inexpensive housing options like an apartment, the customer own all of the area alone. There’s no nobody banging on their walls or ceiling like in apartments. Mobile homes have yards or garden. The resident can have a pet. Mobile homes allow residents to have a nice neighborhood, self-respect and most importantly, privacy. Thus, as a result, the demand for mobile homes has increased.

Easy renovation:

A mobile home is structurally similar to a shoe box. Mobile homes have no permanent foundation. There is nothing more than a steel chassis wherein the wooden floor is attached. The only components needed to make it stand up are the walls and roof. There is nothing expensive to crack because there are no piers or slabs. It is easy to locate and repair the water, sewer and electric pipes and line because all utilities run in a common trough. Unlike other houses, there is a myriad of wires and pipes. Virtually, all internal walls are simply cosmetic thus gives the owner much more freedom in renovations and improvements.

Affordable mobile homes are going to be one of the key investment sectors in real estate in the coming years. Nevertheless, it is also believe to have helped us in building sustainable communities. A mobile home can be an affordable and decent place to live in because a home, wherever it is, will always be called a home sweet home.