How installing simple house wraps can reduce maintenance cost of your green home

The exuberance of the green building has spread across the world in recent days and that has been the reason why most of the builders around the globe are on a rush to make their products environment-friendly. Using the best quality house wraps is one the top ideas to have the sustainable materials for building your house. This is one of the most sensible and commercial ways to build a sustainable strategy. Here we are describing how installing simple house wraps you can reduce maintenance cost of your green home.

1. Types of house wraps

There are generally two varieties of house wraps available in the market. One is pierced and the other one is non-pierced. Pierced house wraps are usually woven or covered with polypropylene layers with tiny holes for proper ventilation. On the other hand, non-pierced ones are made of turning exceptionally superior highly concentrated polyethylene (HDPE) fibers, merged together to make a tough and unique net. This item is finely perforated and conciliates water holdout and air access resistance. For breathability, it has super-fine holes allowing the moist to pass through.

2. How does house wrap act?

After it is perfectly set up, the house wrap functions as a protector to the outer layers of your house or building. Especially, it prevents the building from the dampness caused by rain or during the construction of any other parts of the building. You will find a number of house wraps which stop air from passing through the wall holes. They prevent the flow of air filled with dirt and increase the quality of air inside the house.

3. House wraps – different types

There are numerous house wraps items in different sizes, features and costs. Among the host of options, users can choose according to their own requirements. But the builders should be aware of the functions and the features of the house wraps they use along with their installation procedures. If there is any doubt about setting it up there would be a number of hazards.

4. Things to consider before you buy a house wrap

Amount of permeability is one of the most important things to look for in a house wrap, as it counts a house wrap’s potential to move water mists. This is evaluated in perms for example – the little bit of water mist move across a square foot of house wrap item per hour. Therefore, the more the amount of permeability, the more porous is the house wrap.

Durability is another most important factor while choosing a house wrap. You have to look for house wrap which has better quality surfactant resistant features that lower the danger of being damaged due to windy rain and extreme heat. As ultraviolet rays are also vital to cause damage to the house wraps, you can choose house wrap products which are integrated with UV inhibitors in its outside coverings.

The next very significant factor for selecting a house wrap is its tear-resistant capacity. You have to ensure that it has the proper air and water holdout during the construction. As some house wraps may get scratches caused by extreme exposure to the powerful winds, you have to be very careful while choosing house wrap.

5. Acts as an air stopper and is easy to handle

Some house wraps act as air blockers which minimize convective wind flow against the wall jacket and air penetration into the wall holes. It is also easy to handle and equally easy to set as well. But the necessary knowledge can only drive to successful installation of the house wraps to provide the best performance. Therefore, you can have the tutorials where you learn the nitty-gritty of the installation process to make sure that it gets done properly. You can have the manufacturer’s applicable warranty too for the house wrap system after it is installed properly.


These days most of the service providers are well responsive towards the air and water management capacities of the house wraps by using the proper material for their products. They are also aware that people understand that a good quality of house wrap can improve the building’s longevity and so are ready to pay good price for it. So, it has been even more significant to use the best quality house wraps for better future for your construction.