How to build a platform bed with recycled materials

If going green is your choice, platform bed made from recycled material could be your pick. There are various varieties of platform beds available in the market which can be made from environment friendly material. For instance, platform beds made from reclaimed wood. This form of wood is generated from old barns, houses, railways, bridges and such materials. Constructing an Eco friendly platform bed is practically free and you can also contribute your bit to save the planet. Recycled wood can be found in your own backyard or your basement or your garage for that matter. For you curious folks, here is a step by step guide for creation of such beds.

Things required for constructing an Eco friendly platform bed

Materials you will need are two to eight reclaimed wooden pallets and a paint and paintbrush. A piece of tack cloth

Along with two pieces of 2-by-4-inch timber which is 6 feet long. You would also need two and a half inch and one and a half wood screws along with electric screwdriver and sander. You would also require medium-grit sandpaper and six metal casters. Remember you would same material in case it needs any repair at a later stage.

1. Creating a platform bed – Preparatory steps

To begin construction, take the electric sander and medium-grit sandpaper along with two 48-by-40-inch stringer pallets. Eliminate the rough boundaries from the split ends of the pallet boards. This will help in preventing splinters. Clean the wooden pallets with a tack cloth and remove all saw dust particles inside and outside of these pallets. Pick the shade with which you want to paint your pallet with help of a paintbrush. You should choose to apply two coats of the paint to get a good finish. Let it dry until required as per the recommendation mentioned on the paint box.

2. Creating a platform bed – Follow on steps

Once the wooden pallets are dried, lay them on the floor in an upside down position. Place them in a position so that they face each other in a way that the stringers of each piece form uninterrupted lines. Remember to confirm your setting by assessing that they are forming a piece with dimensions of 48 inches wide by 80 inches long. Now slide the two by four boards along the inside edge of the pallets on each side. It should ensure that boards now link the joints between the pallets. The board should be placed in such a manner that the board is four inches down from each end and will not be seen if the pallets are right-side up.

3. Creating a platform bed – Final on steps

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, attach the two by four inch boards into the wood which is along the ends of the pallets. Now place the two and a half inch wood screws inside the two by four inch side. Here you should take help of your electric screwdriver. Arrange the bolts at each end of the boards measuring two by four inch and on either side of the link amid the pallets on every side. Lastly, join the metal casters on all four corners of your inverted 48-by-80-inch platform. Take help of your screwdriver and the screws that were a part of these casters. You should aim to fasten two more casters halfway down the platform on all sides, straddling the joint among the pallets. Now aim to lift your platform over and wheel it to its proposed position. You are now ready to place the mattress on the top.


Eco lovers can create platform beds by referring to the above points and can help save a live tree. Know that old wood is stronger and less likely to wrap with age. Such particle platform beds that are made from reprocessed wood are an ideal bet for the nature and you. You can also opt to construct this bed using nontoxic adhesives to go one step ahead in green solutions. Your platform bed can be stylish and elegant and yet help save mother earth. These can bring a sense of timeless beauty to your bedroom. Self construction of these platform beds not only help save the environment but also help in reducing cost of labor and cost of loading and unloading. These reclaimed wood platform beds crafted as per your own convenience to suit your needs, will use less energy and lead to reduced environmental impact as compared to usage of new materials. Enjoying your self constructed Eco platform bed can be an ideal way to go green.