Harnessing the sun to produce fuel from salt water

harnessing the sun 9

Ah! This could really be a commercial reality?! — Harnessing the sun for producing fuel from salt water! That is what the researchers claim, provided they are funded properly for the job.

Can the commonly used white powder’s ability to absorb sunlight be improved? The scientists, optimistic with the research, are working on it. The salt, titanium dioxide can come to help the production of fuel using this ‘no-emission’ technology, according to Dr Leigh Sheppard from the Centre for Materials Research in Energy Conservation.

Dr Sheppard said,

We’re promising to produce a fuel, hydrogen fuel which is very clean. When you combust it, it produces water, it doesn’t produce carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas.

There’s a lot of promise, we just need sunlight and salt water, and we have a sustainable clean fuel.

According to Dr Shepherd, the low emission technology which is a decade away become be made available sooner, only if more research money could be provided.