Harnessing energy from passing trucks’ tremors, speeding trains’ rumblings, crowd’s walking!

people produce energy while walking

Do you know, when you walk, you produce energy? But, unfortunately it disappears into the ground, and can’t be put to better use! Yeah, I am talking about harvesting this energy. Don’t know if this is possible! But, an optimistic architectural firm in the UK wants to use crowds as a source of renewable energy! The Discovery News revealed this.

This is how the Discovery News article opened to introduce the amazing source of alternative energy; one may never have thought of or claimed of before the firm –

The tremors from passing trucks, the rumblings of speeding trains, and even the pitter-patter of little feet could soon be captured and converted into energy to light walkways and buildings.

London-based Facility Architects is working on a project called Pacesetters that aims to literally harness the pulse of a city and reuse it as a renewable energy source.

According to the Discovery News, during rush hours, about 34,000 commuters pass through Victoria underground station. Do you know the energy they produce – which now disappears into the ground — could theoretically generate enough energy to power 6,500 LED light fittings!

Via; Emerging Technology Trends