Habitat 2020 – The eco friendly architecture of the future

habitat2020  main vgDTD 5784 It is sad to know that we cannot sustain what nature has given us but are in a hot pursuit to design and develop structures that can render the same. The latest to join the list of green havens is the sustainable Habitat 2020 destined for China. Intended to develop a sustainable housing for urban megalopolis, the designers aim to blend electronics and bio chemical functionalities into the inert material of the built environment. It’s a bit off the wall idea to actually try to swap the inert ‘dumb’ construction materials for sensitive functional skins that are ‘alive’ and act as membranes to harness energy. What exactly these green skins can render? An existence without the dependence on the grid! habitat2020  1 lIVqZ 5784 A membrane, between the exterior and interior of the habitat, will be absorb all the vital elements like air, water and light from the outside and fed the interiors. This will supply the habitat with all necessary sources to be able to live off the grid. habitat2020  2 pyY4U 5784 To light your dens, the active skin of a building is designed to harness the sun’s energy as it will automatically move into the most efficient position to make the best. This gets rid of the need of electricity consuming light fixtures needed to illuminate the house. habitat2020  3 Pa5tK 5784 Even the air and wind will be channeled through the skin of the building energy such as to provide filtered, clean air inside the building. Compressed and dissipated through funnels, the air will also be cooled for natural air-conditioning. It is also ingeniously intended to emit clean and CO2-free air from the building. habitat2020  4 YN3fz 5784 The active skin of the building is also planned to react to the rain and collect and channel rainwater into the habitat. While the waste, that is human and organic will be transformed into biogas energy that in turn will be used for domestic purpose.