Grounded Golden Wings: Old Boeing 747 turned in to a fancy restaurant!

747 restaurant rKvBN 7071
There are those among us who love to recycle, reuse and reduce the waste that goes in to the bin. The best example that I know around me is my mom. For that matter I suppose many moms are exactly the same. They don’t think that anything is useless and for them everything can be reused by changing it in to something else. This though is a case of ‘Reuse’ that is sure to have many sit up and wonder why they did not come up with this first. With aviation industry looking towards sleeker and better technology for cost saving, the Boeing and Airbus that once ruled the skies now might be destined to scrap house.

Converting them to scrap metal or salvaging as many old parts as possible is one approach, but a crafty entrepreneur in Korea has found a way for at least one 747 to stay profitable (even though it will never take to the skies again) by converting it into a restaurant. This is a brilliant idea that seems to be working just fine for now. I have seen people convert old ships in to restaurants and I have seen an old submarine that has been made in to a museum. Having taken that tour, I can vouch that such things are great fun.

Converting an unused aircraft to something like this is really the best way you could recycle it and since the 747 restaurant can hold up to 150 tables and also has a great waiting room, business is not all that bad. Now, one has to wonder how the plane got to the location that it did, but it surely didn’t let down those who got it there. The wings might no longer be in the air but the 747 is as much a golden investment as it is in the air even on ground. In fact, this may be much better!

Via: OhGizmo