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Greener alternatives of concrete countertops

Green kitchen countertop

When ‘Go Green’ is the current motto around the globe, why not make your kitchen contribute to the green revolution? If you are occupied with the thought of remodeling your old kitchen, then it is high time to dump your concrete counter-tops and choose the green way. Many greener alternatives of concrete counter-tops are now available to choose from that apart from being environment-friendly can give your kitchen a contemporary and sleek look. Many of these green counter-tops are made of recycled materials. Besides imparting style, the sustainability and durability of the Eco-friendly counter-tops are worth mentioning. Here are a few greener alternatives of concrete counter-tops.

1. Bamboo countertops

Bamboo countertop

One of the most efficient greener alternatives of concrete counter-tops is bamboo counter-top. Bamboo can serve as one of the best materials for counter-tops because of its durability and sustainability and it is renewable too. Various brands have come up with bamboo counter-tops sans formaldehyde adhesives hence making the counter-tops non-carcinogenic. Environment-friendly and renewable, bamboo counter-tops come in a lot of varieties, styles and textures and are just perfect to up the glam quotient of your kitchen in the green way.

2. 100 percent HDPE surface counter-tops by 3Form

100 percent HDPE surface countertop

This green kitchen counter-top is made from a plastic that is commonly found in landfills and is known as HDPE or high density polyethylene. 3Form has come up with such counter-tops made from 100 percent recycled plastic waste. A single sided product with a sandstone finish on the front, these counter-tops from 3Form comes in four colors. The 100 percent HDPE surface counter-tops are perfect for a contemporary green kitchen and count high on durability and cost-effectiveness.

3. Paperstone counter-tops

Paperstone kitchen countertop

These green counter-tops are made from 100 percent recycled paper waste and a resin base and are as tough as stone. To make them completely Eco-friendly, the resin base that is used is free of formaldehyde and petroleum. Besides being durable and cost-effective, paperstone counter-tops are also heat and stain resistant and on this point they score much higher than concrete counter-tops which are prone to getting etched and stained. Another plus point of paperstone counter-tops is that the surface prevents the growth of bacteria thus making your kitchen healthy as well. Paperstone counter-tops come in various color palettes to choose from.

4. EnviroGlas recycled counter-tops

EnviroGlas recycled countertop

EnviroGlas recycled kitchen counter-tops are made of recycled glass using variant concrete colorants and are converted to some eclectic greener counter-tops. These counter-tops do not emit any toxic gases and the usage of recycled glass and porcelain makes them completely environment-friendly. Also the scratch-free property of these counter-tops redefine their sustainability.

5. Reclaimed wood counter-tops

Reclaimed wood countertop

Reclaimed wood counter-tops can be one of the cost-effective Eco-friendly alternatives of concrete counter-tops in the kitchen. These reclaimed wood counter-tops come in various colors and are made from wood that would have seen inclusion in the wastes. However, wood in any form is not water-resistant and although these counter-tops are processed and waxed to meet expectations in cases of general spilling of coffee, water, vinegar, wine, etc. It is normally suggested that these counter-tops should not be installed near sinks and wash basins to avoid permanent damage. However, it is claimed that if damage occurs, they are easily reparable.

6. Suberra Cork counter-tops

Suberra Cork Countertops

Suberra Cork counter-tops are environment-friendly, highly durable and sustainable counter-tops that are made from the bark of cork oak trees. These counter-tops are heat and water-resistant and have anti-microbial property which makes them extremely fit for kitchen use. Suberra contains 100 percent renewable carbon and no added formaldehyde LEED points. It is lightweight and quite easy to install.

7. BottleStone counter-tops

BottleStone Countertops

BottleStone counter-tops are made of 80 percent recycled glass, specially bits of broken glass bottles and ceramic binders. These counter-tops are heat, scratch and stain-resistant unlike other stone slabs. These are available in five colors and generally come in 1 inch slab thickness. They cost around $68/sq.ft. and do not contain any volatile organic compounds or VOC that are found in varnishes and sealants. Great in looks, BottleStone counter-tops can definitely add style and green to your kitchen.

8. Durapalm counter-tops

Durapalm kitchen countertops

Durapalm counter-tops are effective green alternatives of concrete counter-tops. These counter-tops are made from old and infertile coconut palms. This wood is stronger than oak and costs around $23 /sq.ft. They are free of urea formaldehyde and the adhesives used for these counter-tops are VOC-free. However, you will have to take care of these counter-tops like other wooden counter-tops.

So there is a wide range of green counter-tops to choose from in order to make your kitchen Eco-friendly. So grab any of these and give your kitchen a green make-over.

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