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Green your house with eco friendly glass tiles

sandhill tiles
If you want to let your house make a ‘green’ style statement, then you can use the 100 percent recycled tiles available in 36 colors in both gloss and matt finish from Sandhill Industries. Add color and design to your living space with these beautiful artistic and eco-friendly tiles that are a result of almost two years of research by Sandhill Industries. Not only are these tiles made from 100 percent recycled glass (which is otherwise filling up landfills), each tile takes less than one-half of the energy to produce than ceramic tile, and less than one-fourth of the energy it takes to produce a cast-glass tile. If you care about Mother Earth, then do use these artistic tiles available in a full spectrum of colors from light to bright. If you want to know where you can source them from, you can call @ 208.345.6508 to find a retailer nearest to you. Source

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