Green Wings: Pine tree wood chip-based biofuel passes test as jet fuel

The search for the right biofuel has been around for a while now. Green fuel industry and environmentalists want to get away from the argument that corn-based biofuel will drastically affect one of the world’s staple food source. It is the simple fact that there is truth in that argument and hence we do need to find biofuels that come from agricultural waste or other sources that do not affect our food supply. Virent and Virdia have just taken another fruitful step forward in this venture with their latest biofuel for jets.

Wood chip jet fuel passes test

Virdia have found a new way to extract biofuel from the sugar of pine tree wood chips and the U.S. Airforce has just tested the fuel and certified it as usable for their high-powered jets. While we are not yet informed on if and when a jet powered by this new green fuel will actually take flight, one hopes that it happens soon enough for the sake of the planet. While it has passed all the preliminary tests as a fuel, there will apparently be further evaluation before a planned flight.

This new biofuel is among many that the U.S. Airforce is testing across the country in an effort to not just go green but cut down its dependence on crude oil supplies for sheer strategic reasons. Irrespective of what the motive is, the final result is sure to cut down emissions in the sky and that is a welcome change. The Airforce is already spending something in the order of $510 million in an attempt to encourage development of sustainable and efficient biofuel. It just is a matter of time before they hit the jackpot on this one!

Via: Jsonline