Green West Exposition: Sorting ego issues before eco-issues

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The Green West Exposition and Conference held in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center unfortunately did not generate buzz for good reasons! Apart from having a miniscule turnout in what is made out to be the greenest city of USA, the ones who did show up, however, were more into advertising than environment-saving. With each participant trying to prove that their invention is better than the rest, one felt like putting up a hoarding that said, Please flush your ego down the waterless urinal! Apart from the unconventional urinals, bags, faux lawns, solar panels, LED lights and information on ecovolunteerism remained the highlights of this conference. Looks like the desperate to be saved earth will have to wait before her defenders sort ego issues of their own, whoever said that human interests come first was clearly stating a fact.
Via: Ecototality