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Green Reboot: Microsoft all set to go carbon neutral with its direct operations starting this July

For those who have been following the ‘green news’ for a while you will remember how Greenpeace made a big deal out of the fact that all the major companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and ones similar to that did not really go eco-friendly with their energy needs and were responsible for what they called as ‘dirty clouds’. Now we agree that people have a kind of moral obligation to cutting down on carbon emissions, but every firm obviously is a business enterprise and going green is never their first priority and neither should it be. But turning towards green energy sources can be helpful for firms themselves as they can cut down on costs and it obviously makes hell of a good PR.

Microsoft is going carbon neutral July 1st

Now, we are not really sure why Microsoft is going extra-green, but they have always been a company that has largely tried is best to ensure that it cuts down on carbon footprint and offsets it by buying out some green energy. In fact, they are already the third largest in the aspect of buying green power as they spend plenty of cash in paying for 1.5 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy per year. That accounts for 46 percent of the total energy needs of Microsoft. And the company is now promising to green full throttle by announcing that it will go completely carbon neutral starting this July 1st.

Microsoft says that this will be obviously for only its direct operations, but that still includes all of its data centers, software labs, office buildings and various travel systems for their employees. Some might say that being a software company, this is a bit easy to do, but no doubt this is still a giant step that might force others down the same path as well. Something that surely should provide more ammunition for Greenpeace… Not that they need it!

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