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Green reaching out to the blues: Farming on Skyscrapers!

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So is vertical farming a fancy concept that would actually never amount to anything substantial or would it actually be the idea that provides the majority of world food five decades from now? That is the question we are looking at and the world is waiting for an answer for. Vertical Farming has taken radical new shapes in the last few years simply because modern designers have dared to dream beyond the convention and have embraced the ground realities of food shortage in today’s world. Here are some of the best vertical farming concepts put in a shell for you and they truly are spectacular!

Dickson Despommier, a professor of public health at Columbia University, hopes to make these zucchini-in-the-sky visions a reality. Dr. Despommier’s pet project is the “vertical farm,” a concept he created in 1999 with graduate students in his class on medical ecology, the study of how the environment and human health interact. The idea, which has captured the imagination of several architects in the United States and Europe in the past several years, just caught the eye of another big city dreamer: Scott M. Stringer, the Manhattan borough president.
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Stringer’s office is “sketching out what it would take to pilot a vertical farm,” and plans to pitch a feasibility study to the mayor’s office within the next couple of months, he said. While many believe that the potential concept is being given outlandish shape and form which is both unrealistic and not probable, I’m willing for now to go ahead with the concept of all this. After seeing what I have seen take shape in Dubai, improbable structures no longer exist in my vision and I’m willing to believe that very soon I will pick my apple from the 16th floor-West Block!

Enjoy the visual delight till then…
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Via: New York Times

  • Librarylady

    I think this is a great idea. With usable land being at such a premium in places like China and India, what better way to expand than up. It seem to me that garden pests would be easier to deal with in a controlled environment to say nothing of the climate issues that come with farming. No more crops lost due to hailstorms or drought. Problems I can see is how will things grow and taste the same without real sun and rain? Probably, and the cost of building and upkeep on these structures.

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