Green Project unmasks hazards masquerading as Eco-wonders!

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This is something that is probably the best green project someone has undertaken and this once again proves the point that not everything that goes around with the tag of being ‘Eco Marvel’ is really that. I have almost got a bit sick with the number of makers who claim that their gadget or product is ‘completely green’ when rarely these are half that good. Investigating these products is essential and graduating design student Nick Bampton joins us in this approach, encouraging others to do the same with his graduation project, entitled ‘Subverting the Green Aesthetic’.

The Middlesex student has produced three pairs of products and easy-to-understand graphics to get people thinking further than the green first impressions. Two MP3 players form one-third of the project. The first, despite its ‘natural’ look, cannot be recycled or upgraded and relies on toxic substances for manufacture. The other model, with its more conventional, slick look, turns out to be a much more durable, compact design which can be upgraded and then disassembled at the end of its useful life. Just goes to show once again that appearances are indeed deceptive!

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He also worked on a chair manufactured out of cardboard and claiming to be totally green and found out that local made jute furniture was far better than that. That must have made the chair makers run for cover and look like absolute fools. An approach like this will help us identify and understand green concepts better. That is what we do here on Ecofriend too and we welcome Nick’s wonderful work too!

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