Green Microgym, Seattle, generates electricity from sweat!


The need of the day is preservation of energy. It is probably a good way to fix, to some extent, the damage already done to the environment and to prevent further damage in a big way. Much work is being carried on to promote energy preservation. Here is a fresh and refreshingly ingenuous idea from Adam Boesel’s Green Microgym in Seattle. Here, human sweat is used to genearte electricity!

Incredible, but absolutely true. It is done by connecting spinning bikes to wind-generator motors. The Total Body Turnaround is thus serving dual purpose: clients are getting their workout and generating enough electricity to run their music systems and DVD Players!

However, the perpetrators are far from satisfied. Work is being carried on to find a way of transferring the energy from the bikes to the circuit box. When done, clients would be able to provide sufficient energy with their sweat to operate the lights in the gym! Now this just gets better and better. Moreover, a gym running on solar and pedal electricity is on the cards.

Source: Inhabitat