Five Green Energy Solutions that Should be Used more Often

The products available in the market are in-exhaustive. Much of the public usually get perplexed at the unending stock available at their disposal. Even then, certain products should be used preferably to others, because they perform better than others. This same paradigm holds true even in case of green energy solutions. Probably, none of you have a money growing tree at your home. So, when one decides to implement something that can benefit the environment, one should value the capital involved as well. Thus, before shelling out money on some product, its value should be evaluated. Thus, this article will serve as an eye-opener about the efficient green energy solutions available.

Tidal power

This is a new, but promising technology. Everyone knows that moving matter possess kinetic energy. This is the case with tidal waves as well. The magnitude of kinetic energy of waves can be guessed, if one observes the way ships are tossed about in the sea-bed. If human’s device a method of harnessing that energy, a lot of power could be generated. And, indeed, scientists have succeeded in it. They simply modified the concept of a Pelton Wheel. They placed a movable wheel in the path of flowing water, and the mechanical work of rotating the wheel is then converted into electric power using turbines. This earth had a large stock of ocean, giving out heavy waves incessantly ever since the creation of this planet. This does not involve any initial capital investment unlike the windmills. So, the ultimate output will be economical as well. Thus, one will get maximum output from less investment.

Solar powered gadgets

Research has been on full swing ever since the first photo-voltaic cell has been designed. But, the main restraining factor has been the cost of implementation and the small level of efficiency. So, many new materials like arsenic, boron etc have been used to coat the top surface of the panel to increase the emission rate of electrons. Also, cheap production process has been followed throughout. Yet, a conventional solar panel costs not less than $4 in today’s market. But, the future is bright. Many new approaches are also tried at, like using certain organic dyes, coating with microbes, etc. The final focus is to power everything, almost everything using solar power. If, this dream turns into a reality, a lot of pressure will be reduced on the power grids.

Increased battery life

Electricity is the most clean energy source (If it’s generated in a green way). This is because; it doesn’t involve any mechanisms to convert from one form to another, like steam, etc. The only requirement is a circuit, having a transformer, to vary the voltage value. The popularly used source of DC energy is Battery. But, it has a less lifetime. This is what makes it inefficient. But, the engineers over there know about your demand. So, they are making new cells having increased lifetime, thus satisfying the customers.

Faster chargers

Any electrical circuit, involves the following components-conductors, insulators and semiconductors. But, the conductors opposes the flow of charge through them (An intrinsic behavior of atoms). Thus a lot of energy gets wasted as heat, even though the best conductor is put to use. So, the long you plug-in the more power gets wasted. This holds true in case of chargers too. So, engineers at Ioxus, are making an innovative chargers made of lithium ion capacitors, that can charge up the device at a faster rate. Thus, even though this does not generate green energy, but it saves the existing energy.

Generating power from biomass

This is being developed in oriental nations, where a lot of cattle populations exist. And, the dung gets used as fertilizer though. But, effort is being done to convert it into methane, using anaerobic microbial actions, which can then be used to power the homes, street lights etc. So, if similar process is done with human fecal matter, the sewage treatment plant can become power producing plant.