Green Cones- Digest all waste food naturally

green cone food waste

If you want to reduce your trash handling bills then get yourself a Green Cone. What is a Green Cone? It is an aerobic food scrap digester (oxygen-based metabolism) which can reduce as much as 20 percent of the average household’s waste. Wow! That’s a lot.

The Green Cone is a four-part injection molded unit consisting of a lower basket installed below the ground which forms the base for an upper assembly consisting of a black inner cone and a green outer lidded plastic cone. The diameter of the outer Green Cone is 59cm at its base and 28cm at the lid end. The in-ground food waste digestion chamber is 42cm deep and the Green Cone stands less than 70cm above the ground.

The design of the Green Cone is such that it promotes air circulation between the inner and outer layers of the cone, channeling oxygen to the food scraps and supporting the decomposition process.

The best part is that any food which is scrapped off from the plate including raw meat, fish, fruit peels, rotting cottage cheese, bones, tea bags, bread and even used cooking oil can be put in the Green Cones.

For £69.55 it is a very cool product indeed. If you are interested in lessening environmental pollution by reducing food waste to its natural components, then, go ahead and buy this eco-friendly product.