‘Green’ building tour showcases sustainable living

 Green building tour shows light towards an environment friendly living

The dream of having sustainable green buildings has become true and now people would be able to get their dream home with ease without disturbing the environment. Home designer and architect Cindy McCaugherty has recently designed rain coast homes in Gabriola Island. The concept of green that is without harming the environment has been taken by Cindy. Talking to the news reporters she stated that, she has taken up this concept because she wanted to test it if it would work or not. In addition, she also stated that, she has successfully created the homes on the concept of green building and it is being liked by the people.

Situated in an area of three hectare, the rain coast home is one of the three innovative and concept buildings that have been selected for suitable living. A display of these homes has also been put up for the locals so that they are able to understand the concept in a better manner. The timing of the tour has not yet been decided, but the day has been kept for 23 September that is Sunday. The tour, which will be conducted for the natives, will show and explain them that the houses, which have been made, will have less or no impact on the environment.

The project manager of this program stated that, this event is hosted so that they are able to tell the people about the sustainability measures which are being taken for building the new homes or renovating the existing homes in the best possible manner without putting environment in danger. The project manager also stated that, the examples of green buildings would be loved by the people, as they want to have something that is new and environment friendly. The chairperson of this project stated that, their company has been working hard on this project and the result, which has been derived, is something that will surely mesmerize people.

The best thing about the green home project is that, people would be able to experience the benefits first hand. Once the project was finalized, the designs of Cindy were given a green signal after which she along with her husband started working on the project and gave their valuable inputs for completion of the project. Another major benefit that has been disclosed by Cindy is that, it would help the natives know about the measures and methods, which they can take into use for sustaining water and electricity in a hassle free manner.