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  1. Shane
    Oct 27 - 5:16 am

    The following comment is incorrect and somewhat puzzling..
    “Straw-bale insulation may not be suitable in extreme cold climates, because of the low R-value.”
    If you only used a one inch thick later as infill then (according to your site) it would still compete favourably with all the other aerials listed. As it is used as bales – it has an R value upwards of 30. It is in fact the IDEAL material to use in cold climates as the tens of thousands of homes build with it can attest.
    Where are you getting your information?

    • Jon Dion
      Apr 18 - 4:50 pm

      what green product would be recommendable and cost effective to insulate the roof plywood on the inside?
      Is there any thing that can effectively substitute Styrofoam Sheets?
      Looking forward to hear from you

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